I’ve been holding off recommending Adobe XD until now. Go and get it, it’s ready.

It’s not been in beta for a while, but it always felt like it has been until now. I’ve had a few false starts with it, longing for particular ‘no-brainer’ functionality to be added to the app, eventually going back to Illustrator with my tail between my legs. But the last few updates have really pushed the app forward.

XD now has:

  • Linked components – these are great for design systems, allowing designers to create a single source of truth
  • The ability to edit and update images* – no more wondering what you can do with the image now it’s in XD
  • Illustrator and Sketch doc conversion
  • Plugins everywhere

It’s always had a pretty strong prototyping engine that is much easier to use the InVision. So basically it’s the best bits from Illustrator and InVision rolled into one.

If you’re a digital designer you should consider checking out. And best of all – it’s free*.

*Photoshop, therefore a Creative Cloud subscription, required. So kinda free.